Solitons have billions of potential applications! These motion sensors are mobile-ready, no larger than a quarter, light-weight and wireless.

Each Soliton contains a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer to measure absolute orientation of any object, drift-free

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Solitons can be worn on the body or attached to objects.  Use individual Solitons to create compelling, innovative bespoke interactive real-time experiences.  Or choose from one of our pre-packaged product solutions, below, for arm, torso or full-body, with trigger, haptic feedback and smart glass options.  Ideal components for VR, AR and MR applications in healthcare, military, gaming, film, education, museums and other vertical markets.

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We would love to partner with you for success so if there is a variant of the Soliton range that you are interested in, or even if you just have questions, please get in contact with us.


OEM Solitons began shipping Q1 2017.  A limited number of development kits are available containing prototype Solitons for developers to get an early start!  

Awesome Reality


  • No drift
  • 9 axis IMUs
  • Real-time motion data capture rate per Soliton: samples/sec
    • 100 (PC)
    • 100 (mobile with 4 Solitons)
    • 85 (mobile with 6 Solitons)
    • 60 (mobile with 8 Solitons)
  • Excellent resolution, repeatability and precision
  • Full 360-degree field of operation
  • 7hr battery life (rechargeable)
  • Programmable haptic feedback with trigger
  • Data exposed through standard BLE services
  • Proprietary algorithms
  • Unity SDK for Android mobile devices and PC
  • Support planned for iOS, Lighthouse, Daydream and more
  • Compatible with all leading HMDs including Oculus Rift, Vive, Gear VR, Fove, Cardboard, Magic Leap, PlayStation VR, HoloLens and more


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