In the current market of assessment of knee and hip joint function, pre- and post- arthroplasty are subjective. This means that the total and partial knee and hip replacements rely on proper alignment of the prosthesis and the operative leg for longevity of the components and proper functional outcomes. Presently there is no device to accurately evaluate joint alignment and motion intra-operatively. For example, clinicians assess knee function (flexion/extension, internal/external rotation, varus/valgus alignment) subjectively.

In robotic surgery, our technology promises to eliminate the dependence of surgical robots on cumbersome camera-based tracking systems. In non-robotic surgery, adding this technology to patient specific cutting guides and or implants would bridge the gap in outcomes, helping “traditional” total and partial knee and hip replacement procedures achieve similar results as Robotic Assisted Procedures at a much lower cost.


How SolitonReach Can Help


Clinical (In Office) Functional Assessment of the Knee


Surgical (In Operating Room) Functional Assessment of the Knee

Robotic Knee Surgery Alignment


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Dr. Brian Cohen