Solitons have billions of potential applications! These motion sensors are mobile-ready, no larger than a quarter, light-weight and wireless.

Each Soliton contains a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer to measure absolute orientation of any object, drift-free

Solitons can be worn on the body or attached to objects.  Use individual Solitons to create compelling, innovative bespoke interactive real-time experiences.  Or choose from one of our pre-packaged product solutions, below, for arm, torso or full-body, with trigger, haptic feedback and smart glass options.  Ideal components for VR, AR and MR applications in healthcare, military, gaming, film, education, museums and other vertical markets.

We're Also Innovators, Like You!

We would love to partner with you for success so if there is a variant of the Soliton range that you are interested in, or even if you just have questions, please get in contact with us.


OEM Solitons begin shipping Q1 2017.  A limited number of development kits are available now containing prototype Solitons for developers to get an early start!