What does "No connection" mean during calibration?

This may occasionally happen during calibration.  It is often a sign that battery power is low or could occur if the Soliton gets accidentally switched off and on during the process of calibration.

  • Observe the red LED on the Soliton, if it is solid and not blinking then it means that the Soliton has just gotten restarted (switched off and then on again).
  • Please stop the calibration and restart after the LED has started to blink rapidly.

Another cause may be that the calibration app cannot communicate with the Station: 

  • Stop calibrating and attempt to communicate with the station by tapping the “Connect to Station” button.
  • If the three LEDs under the button turned red then it means that the Station has gotten disconnected for your PC.
  • Unplug and then plug the station back into the USB port.
  • Tap the “Connect to Station” button again.
  • If the LEDs turns green then the problem has been resolved.
  • Otherwise, please check your USB cable, it might be at fault.