What can I do if Solitons start to show drift?

Solitons show excellent drift characteristics. You can leave a Soliton in one position for even an hour without the exhibition of noticeable drift.

If drift shows up then either recharge the batteries or recalibrate the Solitons (or both). Please do not wear a watch or other ferromagnetic jewelry on your arms as this could also cause drift.

If you see drift even after a seemingly good calibration, then:

  • Place the Soliton on a flat surface and gently restart the Soliton.
  • Do not move it and wait until the red LED on the Soliton starts to blink rapidly.
  • For best results wait for another few seconds.
  • You can now start diagnosing using the Diagnose View.
  • Again, make sure that you are not near ferrous or magnetic material and you are not wearing a watch or ferromagnetic jewelry.