How Do You Extract Data Outside of Unity?

It is possible to use data from Solitons outside of the Unity environment.

The data transfer from the Soliton station to the PC is through standard serial comm port with 230400 Baud, no parity, 8 bit data, 1 stop bit.

If you open the SolitonScript, which is written in C#, there is a function called "Read()". This function provides a framework on how to decode the data, hope it can be a good reference for you. 

The data packages are separated with "next line". A correct user data package should be 11 bit long plus 1 byte new line character. 

  • byte 0        0x0E - data type indicator. 0x0E means quaternion data
  • byte 1-2      2 byte long Soliton ID (written at the back of the Solitons)
  • byte 3-4     quaternion X
  • byte 5-6     quaternion Y
  • byte 7-8     quaternion Z
  • byte 9-10   quaternion W
  • (byte 11, next line character)

The raw quaternion data is defined with a right-handed Z up system, as printed on the Soliton sensors.

Any environment with access to serial port can follow this data format to decode it.

Please contact us for any additional info you may need!