How does SolitonReach determine the position of the hand?

In Soliton Reach, three Solitons are mounted on one arm (biceps, forearm and wrist) to provide 3D reach into virtual and augmented worlds.  

Since the arm is part of the human skeleton, the three Solitons mounted on the arm are constrained to move with the skeleton. This fact allows us to use the orientation information obtained from each Soliton in conjunction with forward kinematics algorithms to determine the exact position of the hand relative to the shoulder.

How are Proto #1 Solitons powered?

Proto #1 Solitons are powered by coin cell Lithium Ion batteries.  It is very important to insert the battery with the right polarity.

Failure to insert the battery correctly is a fire hazard since it will certainly lead to overheating of the battery which will also cause irreversible damage to a Soliton.

Such damage to Solitons is not covered by warranty and you will need to purchase a replacement from the Store.  Note - Proto #2 Solitons do not feature replaceable coin-cell batteries.