Transforming the Soliton quaternion inputs to game space

We had this question from a developer:

"Does one need to only specify the mesh-roll-axis once per skeletal mesh?  Does that translate to any future orientations that the game may be set up in?  For instance, we set up the play area facing west originally.  My set-up is currently facing east"

The mesh-roll-axis only needs to be specified once per skeletal mesh per initial pose. The current alignment method in the SDK is used to match the avatar's forward direction with the user's real world forward. 

With the current alignment in the SDK, if the user turned left 45 degree, the Unity avatar should also turn left 45 degree. Then if the Unity avatar jumped to a new scene facing a different direction but the user stayed stationary, yes we need to re-align with the current SDK, because now the avatar's forward is not the same any more.

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