What is the correct way to attach Solitons to the body?

Solitons should be mounted securely to the limbs so that they don’t move or wiggle independent of the limb's motion, otherwise inaccurate results will be obtained. Please refer to the manual.


Mount a Soliton on a limb where the limb shows maximum rotation. For example, on the forearm place it away from the elbow since there is minimal rotation near the elbow when the forearm is twisted.

As our technology is still in prototype phase we do not have a final end-user method for attaching to limbs -- we will most likely use a glove for the hand and a flexible arm band, with a method to easily attach Solitons to each. As/when we believe we have a workable solution, we will make these available.

In the meanwhile, we recommend using simple bandages bought from drug stores, or cheap MMA-style large gloves as we have seen good results with these; just place the Solitons in or on in the correct positions.  Here are some examples that we have been using for our purposes:

Tubular bandage

We slide one Soliton onto the back of the hand and place another on the wrist. Example here on Amazon

MMA glove

We're using one with a wrap-around the wrist; we put two Solitons in here. Another low-cost example here on Amazon