What is the Mobile Base Station?

A Mobile Base Station (also referred to as a Mobile BLE Station) is used for developing and testing mobile applications with Solitons.

The Mobile Base Station wirelessly collects orientation data from up to three Solitons and exposes this data using standard BLE Services and Characteristics. A BLE enabled app on a mobile device can then use these Characteristics to consume the orientation data from the Solitons. Note that only one BLE connection is required with the mobile device to receive the orientation data from all the three Solitons. Also note that the Solitons do not use the BLE protocol to send their data wirelessly to the Mobile BLE Station.

Each Mobile Base Station is powered by a replaceable, rechargeable coin-cell Li-Ion battery.

Full details for using the Mobile Base Station can be found here: Mobile Base Station Manual

Note that in the current version of the station firmware the three supplied
Solitons are dedicated to the supplied Mobile BLE Station and cannot be used
with any other Mobile BLE Station. This restriction will be lifted in future
versions of the station firmware.